New drawings, new pods - check 'em out. More to come once I get out of newbornland!

EXHIBITION: Island Universe

"Island Universe," curated by Irina Danilova of Project 59, Inc., will be installed on Governors Island from May 27-July 8, 2018. The show utilizes the ancient Chinese notions of nature's five main elements (water, earth, fire, metal, wood) to explore Governors Island and its history. My contribution, Tofte Pod, asks viewers to enter and embody porosity and interconnection, emphasizing that we participate not in a hierarchy but a collaboration. 

RETREAT: New England Bird Language Intensive

I had the most ear-opening time at White Pines Programs' New England Bird Language Intensive learning "Deep Bird Language." During the long weekend, I learned how to utilize songbirds' calls to anticipate predators, interpret social cues, and hone that innate sixth (7th? 8th?) sense that has laid dormant in us for too long.


Artis Natura strives to present an artistic representation of nature; view my piece in issue 2, "The Forest Imagined."


A+E, a newly formed "clinic for eco-anxiety" based in Glasgow, featured my work in their physical publication, "But There is No Land Near the End." 


GW VI and VII came and went in January and April as exhilarating examples of collaboration, innovation, and the spirit of pushing oneself. The dynamism of disciplines - including Information Science, Poetry, Conflict Resolution, Bodywork, Installation, and more - made for truly enriching experiences. Thank you, participants, and to everyone else - follow us for updates! 

PUBLICATION: 100days100women

I'm honored to be posted at #62 in Henry Martin's empowering blog, 100days100women, launched to celebrate the biography of Agnes Martin: Pioneer, Painter, Icon

AWARD: RU Professional Development Grant

My deepest gratitude to Rutgers University for awarding me a Professional Development Grant this winter! 

Fastnet @ Freshkills

I had a spectacular time teaching a plein air workshop with James Powers of Fastnet fame in collaboration with the great folks at Freshkills Park. Tucked inside Fastnet (a shipping container-turned-art space), students studied the sights, sounds, textures, and atmosphere of the landfill-turned-park. The students' drawings reflected the variety of physical, psychological, and phenomenological space (and they were awesome!).