For the non-human, animate world, the environment is interconnected; the parts are the whole. This Deep Ecology mentality has been ingrained in me since my first camping trip at three months old. Now, years later, the tent remains my second home. Stints spent in the natural landscape are a life source for me; my energy settles and my spirit opens. As I gain a familiarity with my surroundings, I absorb into them.  

No matter the landscape, every location has its own way of reminding the careful listener of this interdependence. Unlocking our ability to hear this is what drives my work. In collaborating with chosen locations, I utilize photography, painting, drawing, collage, and installation to collect multiple perspectives on a given site. As this sensorial information builds in the work, perceived boundaries between a location’s perceptual, phenomenological, and psychological idiosyncrasies weaken. This results in a more porous and holistic representation of place, offering the senses a dexterity of observation. Reciprocity and primal understanding are awakened, resensitizing us and liberating our innate ability to translate each location's specific voice.